Doom Life Collection

What is Doom Life Collection?

Is a collection of unique characters based on the Doom imaginary universe. The Doom generation that has to face a problematic moment in history, living in impending doom.  And they're getting ready to face it. If you see the characters they have masks and some crowns and stuff. That symbolizes they're ready to get arms and go to battle and face these hard moments that they have coming. So better be ready. In the Doom universe they are all warriors and heroes there is no place for bystanders, we need doers.

Who Is ThisIsARobot?

Born in Norway, ThisIsARobot lives and works in Amsterdam, where he runs an Independent Imagination Studio creating character based IP.From skateboarding to street-art to web design to fashion to toy design to character based IP creation. Supporting humans since 1999. Creating is playing and playing is learning.

Meet The Crew

We are all one even if we are all unique and different.We support each other by sharing our skills and abilities.There is no boss, we are all independent, we self regulate as individuals.We are capable of everything once united. We work following the rules of Nature.

Twin Flames


Bruno Tauro





skull seeker